Hello, I’m Nina Garrard – thanks for taking the time to find out more about me…

I live with my husband and two children on a smallholding between the beautiful South Downs and the Sussex Coast, so we have the best of both worlds for walking our pack of dogs (black Labradors Olive and Myrtle and our cheeky wire-haired Dachshund, Bertie)

We also have sheep! We started about 8 years ago with 4 Ryeland ewes and now have 10. They are just like big dogs and all love a cuddle and head scratch and walkers in our fields are often amazed at how friendly they are. They are nicknamed the Teddy Bear sheep as that’s exactly what they look like! They are considered a Rare breed in the UK and we absolutely adore them.

In my spare time I’m usually ferrying children to various sporting events but I love to bake and enjoy designing and decorating special occasion cakes.

My other passion is Dahlias!


I was bitten by the Dahlia bug a few years ago when I visited an local flower farm and I now enjoy growing my own Dahlias to fill the house with home grown blooms during the season. 

So how did I end up becoming a Homeopath?

Well I’ve always loved science and nature and from a young age was transfixed every Sunday watching various Natural World programmes about our planet and the stunning array of flora and fauna that we share this beautiful world with. I learnt about balance and harmony within ecosystems and how even just small changes can have a huge impact and throw a well functioning system off balance.

This love of our natural world led me to study for a  BSc. (Hons) degree in Environmental Science and after my graduation I was ready to go and get a job saving the world! But it seemed fate had other plans and I ended up working within the Pharmaceutical Industry truly believing I was helping to make people feel better with the drugs I was promoting. 

A car accident was the turning point for me and after experiencing some truly horrendous side effects of some extremely strong painkillers (which didn’t solve the pain I was in either) I embarked on my journey into discovering the benefits of some alternative therapies.

Having experienced some profound and deep healing along the way from a few different therapies,  I trained as a Reiki practitioner for both people and horses and 6 months later started both Reflexology and Shiatsu courses at the same time. 

During my training I fell pregnant with our first child and was unable to complete either but fate was directing me to where I needed to be and during my home birthing preparations I bought a Homeopathy kit to use during childbirth.

And so began my love of this beautiful, gentle, healing system of medicine.

Using Homeopathy with my children was simply wonderful. 

To be able to naturally support them through the usual childhood illnesses from fevers to tummy upsets and all the teething and coughs that occurred in-between without relying on our overburdened medical system really had an impact on me.

It planted a seed in my mind that I knew I wanted to study Homeopathy when the time was right so I could go on and share this truly amazing healing system of medicine with others.

And so in 2016 I finally started my training after six years of regularly using Homeopathy with my own family. It was everything I’d hoped for and more! I had the opportunity to take on cases in the last 2 years of my study and I was overwhelmed with the number of women coming to see me with issues relating to their menstrual cycle.

Heavy and painful periods were a common theme as were debilitating Menopausal symptoms.

Working with these cases and seeing the enormous improvements that Homeopathy could make for these ladies resulted in me choosing to study this topic further for my final year dissertation.  That gave me the opportunity to really increase my area of expertise and learn which Homeopathic remedies were of greatest value in helping women to regain their hormonal balance.

My aim is for my female clients to be able to live their best lives without needing to plan their diary around the impact of their Menstrual cycle. I want women to be able to feel empowered by their cycle and all it brings, not restricted and embarrassed. It simply doesn’t have to be that way.

I'm here to help you...

If any of this has resonated with you and you’d like to have a free 15 minute consultation for us to discuss the health symptoms that are holding you back and how Homeopathy can help, then please get in touch.

I can honestly say we have our child back!
This has taken less than 2 weeks. Nina got our child’s condition spot on and created the exact remedy they needed.
I highly recommend Nina and I will be using her again but this time for myself!
She is wonderful and a real natural.