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Perimenopause/ Menopause & Women's Health

I saw Nina for homeopathic treatment when I was suffering with really bad migraines during the menopause. I was also having really bad nightmares, and night sweats which were affecting the quality of my sleep. After one treatment I was sleeping much better and although still hot no where near the night sweats I was having previously. I went 6 months without a migraine and following another treatment I have not had one since. I have also had no nightmares. This has been over 2 years now!

Nina is fantastic, she listens, she cares and the homeopathic remedies she prescribed covered way more than I thought they would.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. Thanks Nina, menopause with no drugs!


I was recommended Nina by a friend as my menstrual cycle had become completely debilitating and all consuming. It became normal that I could not plan anything for the week or venture far from the house and would consume a whole packet of ibuprofen for the pain and swelling. I felt completely controlled by the horrendous PMT I was experiencing, turning me into someone I didn’t recognise or want to be. Doctors had said this was to be expected after three pregnancies and that the only thing I could do was to go on the pill. After a completely thorough chat with Nina, who listened to every symptom complaint with professionalism and sincere interest, she was able to really pinpoint exactly how to help. After taking the homeopathic remedies I felt like Nina had given me my life back. I wasn’t anxious or worried for that menstrual week anymore. It became completely manageable giving me the freedom to focus on other precious areas of my life. I can’t recommend Nina enough for anyone who is suffering with PMT and painful periods. As women we tend to accept that this should be normal and something to be suffered. Nina helped me see this does not need to be the case. You will be so glad you contacted her, and my only regret is that I didn’t meet her sooner! Thank you Nina.

Nina is an excellent homeopath and seeing her helped me immensely, she takes a very holistic approach when treating period pains and spoke to me in depth for weeks in regards to what was happening in my life at that moment in time. From this she would prescribe a remedy and would alter the potency each week depending on how I reacted. I always felt very comfortable around Nina and talking to Nina and saw results quickly. There was a reduction in the pain of my cramps but also the anxiety that came with my period. I would completely recommend seeing Nina for any form of period pain.

I started having homeopathy treatment with Nina Garrard back in September 2019 whilst she was finishing up her training and needed case studies. I really hadn’t considered homeopathy before. I was having some real issues with my periods being extremely heavy and it had impacted on my quality of life and had been getting worse for some years prior. Nina discussed my past medical history and came up with remedies to try, which were very easy to take. We had a lot of contact by phone and video calls to check in with changes and updates.

I was amazed as I saw results within a couple of months. My period flow had reduced substantially. I had been referred to a gynaecologist a couple of months prior to meeting Nina who had recommended a hysterectomy. I really didn’t want to go down that route because of the impact on my work, being self employed. It would have been my last resort. Nina continued to check in for sometime after to see how things were going and tweaked remedies as and when needed.

I am so grateful that I have avoided having major surgery and would highly recommend Nina Garrard, I felt she understood my needs and was very knowledgeable in her field.

Nina has been instrumental in completely changing my life on a monthly basis. I used to suffer from extreme period pain and, with her expert help, she has reset my cycle and made each month bearable. I had no experience of homeopathy before meeting Nina, but she put me at ease with her knowledge and confidence.

Nina is my first port of call for both myself and my children, and I would highly recommend her.


A few years ago our bright, carefree, happy, beautiful daughter faded right before our eyes. She was suffering from an anxiety triggered we believe by a house move and starting primary school. She became increasingly cross, frustrated, worried and eventually going completely inside herself, not communicating with us at all. It affected her eating and sleeping habits and impacted the whole family. I felt the more I tried to help her the worse things got. I spoke to her school, doctors and friends and heard everything from autism, a visit to a child psychologist, medication to, had I considered it might be that I was putting my own anxieties on her. I was at my wits end and felt like all my motherly instincts had abandoned me.

I was chatting to a friend who suggested I speak to Nina. I had seen Nina previously for help with my hormone imbalance and so was unsure how she could help being such a different area and that it was regarding a child. My friend explained that homeopathic medicine can be used for a huge number of issues and that she had helped her children too.

I was dubious, my husband more so, as we truly believed it would take months of counselling to get our daughter back. However, we agreed it was absolutely worth a shot as the homeopathic medicine Nina was offering was naturally based. Nina instantly made me feel at ease and with a patient ear listened to my concerns. She was very thorough, knowledgeable, friendly, professional and with no judgment made me feel that the problems were indeed real and there was hope she could help.

I can honestly say it was the best decision we have ever made. Nina explained every detail of what she was prescribing so we felt very well informed and knowledgeable which helped us to communicate this with our daughter.

After the first night we administered her prescription we were astounded. We simply couldn’t believe the changes that had happened right before our eyes. She appeared in the morning having got herself dressed, apparently unaware that she didn’t have her non seam socks or knickers on (an irritating seam would have been a last straw on many occasions). She ate breakfast, and we got to school on time with no tears.

All these tiny changes amounted to a calm, collected and communicative girl, something we had not seen for months.

That night pillow talk returned, as in, she started to tell us every worry that had ever affected her over the last two years, and I’m not exaggerating, we were still listening an hour later. Afterwards my husband was very emotional as he realised she had been carrying this by herself for so long unable to communicate with us. She was clam, eloquent, precise and aware and in control of her emotions. We described it as her being “back in the room”.

Over the coming days she went from strength to strength. It just felt like she was back within our reach that we could help her again and that she was able to feel it and respond, eventually learning the tools to help herself too. We had our daughter back.

I have found it extremely emotional writing this and hard to think back on how dark things were for us, but we are so truly grateful to Nina for helping our family. In a world where doctors surgerys and waiting lists are at capacity this is not an alternative, this is a first choice. I have seen first hand how incredible this process is, it really works, and I’m sure a lot of that is due to to the fact that it is managed in Nina’s wonderful healing hands.

Thank you Nina.

I asked Nina for help through homeopathic treatments for my anxiety and subsequent digestive issues. Nina actively listened and prescribed alternative remedies which really made a difference both in the short-term and long-term. Nina was very professional, kind, empathetic and offered support and understanding.

I would thoroughly recommend Nina's homeopathic treatment services.

Nina was recommended to us when we were looking for help with our 11 year old son who was suffering with anxiety and sleep problems which started during the first Covid lockdown. She quickly established a good understanding of the situation together with a very detailed medical history and worked with us to provide homeopathic remedies which helped alleviate his symptoms. She looked at the whole picture and was wonderful to work with throughout.

Our child was suffering with chronic anxiety resulting in panic attacks in various situations throughout their day to day life. Their symptoms were hyperventilating, shaking and breathlessness.

This resulted in their education being affected as well as our family life outside of the home when socialising. Our GP recommended homeopathy as we decided prescribed medication on a young child was not what we wanted.

Nina is incredibly professional, and we trusted her implicitly. Our initial meeting was at our home, which was ideal as our child is young and feels safe at home. I was present throughout the entire consultation.

As Nina has children, she is fully aware of how to get down to their level and communicate so perfectly that the child understands fully why questions are asked and how homeopathy can help.

After our first consultation, Nina went away and wrote up her findings, she then rang us the following day and wanted to do a quick facetime with our child to go over a few more questions she had, this was not a problem and her attention to detail is incredible.

Within a week we had our child’s homeopathy prescription with us, and just after the first dose, we saw a change. Their anxiety plummeted. The hyperventilating and breathlessness stopped almost immediately and if we feel we’re going into a situation that makes them feel at all anxious, we take the remedy Nina prescribed . Our child has experienced no hyperventilating since we received our remedy from Nina and their confidence has increased back to where it used to be around 6 months ago.

I can honestly say we have our child back! This has taken less than 2 weeks. Nina got our child’s condition spot on and created the exact remedy they needed.

I highly recommend Nina and I will be using her again but this time for myself! She is wonderful and a real natural.

Thank you, Nina.

Children/Family Health

Nina has treated my daughter with homeopathy a number of times and she has always been very patient and thorough. Each time, really listening to her feedback regarding the homeopathic remedies and re asking questions if she didn’t really understand. Nothing is a problem with Nina and there is never a time pressure which is incredibly helpful with children. Recently, my daughter was having a terrible time at school and struggling to manage her anger and sadness. Nina was supportive, gentle and we’ve seen remarkable improvement in terms of her health by using the remedies. I would highly recommend Nina, her homeopathy knowledge is vast, however, its the combination of her genuine kindness and commitment to her patient that helps healing.

I was recommended Nina from a friend who was very happy with her results. My son was having issues with his ears, nose and throat. He had previously had grommets for glue ear and had his tonsils and adenoids removed at age three, which worked well for about a year. But we started to notice his hearing was getting worse again. His throat and nose also had too much mucus, making it hard for him to breathe at night. We were going to have to wait about six months for another operation so wanted to try an alternative option while waiting for his operation.

Nina was amazing, spent a lot of time talking over my son’s history so she could get an accurate account of the problems. I was optimistic but couldn’t believe the result. Going from the hospital saying he would need surgery, to his pre op assessment, in that short time the remedies Nina gave him had completely cleared his glue ears and nasal problem. So the surgeon was happy to cancel the operation. We were over the moon.

I have then gone on to use Nina again for a Tic my son developed due to a traumatic incidents . I was deeply concerned as he’s at an age where bullying can happen and children were starting to notice his eyes and nose twitching. She felt it could have also been a stress mechanism so wanted to get on top of it before it got worse. Nina made him feel completely comfortable and at ease whilst talking to him about it all. The Tic has also completely gone.

I can’t recommend her enough. Thanks again Nina.

We first reached out for Nina’s help through homeopathy when I’d had enough of my daughter taking antibiotics after antibiotics to treat recurring bladder infections. I was quite skeptical at first but needed to try something else.

Nina was very thorough, going through family history on both sides. After our initial meeting Nina came up with a remedy that would not only help my daughter with her infections and her battle with bed wetting but with dry skin she’d been suffering with and her general being.

I couldn’t believe the difference after the first course, it was like a switch had been flicked from a shy, unsure, worried, at times frustrated little girl to a happy, confident, much more loving child. It was like having my daughter back. The dry skin vanished, the bladder infections and bed wetting were a thing of the past. We only needed a couple of follow up appointments to keep things on track.

I couldn’t recommend Nina and her homeopathy enough and would definitely seek further help in the future.

Other Symptoms

Nina always goes above and beyond when it comes to the care of her patients. She introduced me to homeopathy 18 months ago when I severely herniated one of the discs in my lower back. I could hardly move. The sciatica the damaged disc was causing was excruciating. The doctors prescribed me a cocktail of painkillers with awful side effects and sent me on my way.

I bumped into Nina a couple of weeks later, she took one look at the pain I was in and asked if I would be happy to chat through some homeopathy options which might help with the pain management. I had a consultation later that day and after discussing all of the symptoms and pain issues as well as what my MRI had discovered, Nina then prescribed me with the first of what has turned out to be many remedies. Not 15 minutes after I had taken the first remedy I was up on my feet properly for the first time in weeks, my mind was blown! From that day onwards Nina worked with me to keep on top of my symptoms and be able to reduce the levels of my painkillers down to a very low level which also helped reduce the side effects. She has continued to work with me as I have rehabilitated my lower back and with her help I am no longer on any pain killers apart from a home-botanical spray which I can use as and when I need if I am suffering from any pain issues.

To say I am grateful to her for all of her care and attention is an understatement! Nina has also helped my daughter on numerous occasions as I struggle to use mainstream medicines with her as she refuses to take them and cannot keep them down if she does. Nina’s homeopathic remedies have been a god send and helped her through numerous things from nerves and anxiety before competing, to injuries and flu.

Thank you Nina, you are our Florence Nightingale!!

I had suffered with severe tonsillitus and extremely itchy ears for a number of years. Looking at my NHS notes I had been prescribed and using antibiotics on and off every few months since 2008. It had become a way of living and I got used to the routine of visits to the doctors and new antibiotics being prescribed. Fast forward to November 2018 and sadly my mother passed away followed by my father 2 weeks later. Shortly after I came down with the flu followed by tonsillitis and the insatiable itching in my ear grew worse. I had also started experiencing other problems such as boils and issues with my sleep with frequent trips to the toilet and I found it difficult to settle. The following month in 2018 I decided to see Nina, as I had heard from a friend about the success of her homeopathy and by this point, after having come off yet more antibiotics, I wanted to try a new approach to my health. Nina was exactly what I needed. To be able to have someone take the time to find out my life history, the stresses and strains I was under, family history of health, what symptoms I had and ascertain what treatment was needed on this basis - was nothing short of a miracle. After my remedy, within 3 days my ear problems had subsided and shortly after my boils disappeared. My sleep began to improve and this improved my overall health. But the biggest change has been the relief from no longer suffering with tonsillitis. This was something I consistently got over the years and my medical history is littered with appointments for this problem.

Since seeing Nina, the last time I was prescribed antibiotics was November 2018 and we are now in 2023! I can't thank her enough for everything she has done for me.