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Are you ready to start a journey to wellness? To feel empowered to make change and embrace what life has to offer?  If so then I am here, ready and waiting to facilitate that journey with you.


15 minute Call free of charge

Working with a homeopath involves mutual trust and so it’s important to choose the right person who you feel comfortable with. This initial call will give us time to chat, to ask any questions and discuss what health issues are holding you back. If I’m not sure I’m the person for you I will say so.


£130 $180 €155

Book this option if you are a new client or I haven’t seen you for over 2 years.

Many people are surprised by how long this first appointment is (90 minutes) and the depth of detail we go into during this initial session. Homeopathy is completely individualised so it’s important I gather a lot of in-depth detail about you so I can create your bespoke treatment plan. We will go at a pace that suits you. We will cover, not just the physical symptoms you are experiencing, but also your emotional health and previous medical history.

Follow-Up Homeopathic Consultation

£75 $115 €85

For existing clients.

As your health responds to the Homeopathic remedies prescribed, its vital to track and measure progress and note any symptom changes. There may be a change of remedy needed, a potency may need to be adjusted or the frequency that I ask you to take it. I ask my clients to return for a follow up consult after 2-6 weeks depending on their complaint. Sometimes it can be difficult to remember the positive changes that are occurring week by week which is why regular follow- ups are so important. I hear time and again ‘goodness I’d forgotten I was even having that symptom!’ during a follow up. It’s important to acknowledge the progress that’s been made at each stage of treatment.

Acute Homeopathic Consultation

£40 $52 €50

If you are suffering with an acute minor illness that started very recently and needs immediate relief you can book this short (20 mins) consultation. Examples of what can be treated in this consult are Coughs, colds, gastric upsets, minor burns, sore throats, teething, toothache and minor injuries.


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I provide a 15 minute free consultation (Discovery Call) for new clients.