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Are you searching for information regarding a new health solution for yourself or your family?

I’m really delighted that you are considering Homeopathy may be part of your strategy to achieving an improved level of health and wellness. I am a fully qualified and registered Classical Homeopath. I practice both locally in Sussex and Internationally via Zoom. I fell in love with Homeopathy many years ago after witnessing its gentle, but powerful, healing action with my baby daughter.

My mission is to share this wonderful alternative form of medicine with those who are ready to take ownership of, and accountability for, their health.

I’m here, ready and waiting, to facilitate that empowering journey with you.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.
Thanks Nina, menopause with no drugs ! Perfect.

I am so grateful that I have avoided having major surgery and would highly recommend Nina, I felt she understood my needs and was very knowledgeable in her field.

Nina is my first port of call for both myself and my children, and I would highly recommend her.

Nina's Personal
Homeopathic Journey

Find out more about Nina, her professional experience and the life changing events that led her to become the Homeopath she is today.

Supporting Your Physical, Emotional & Mental Health

Homeopathy may also help with the following symptoms;

Women's Health

Nina has been instrumental in completely changing my life on a monthly basis. I used to suffer from extreme period pain and with her expert help, she has reset my cycle and made each month bearable.

Children's Health

I couldn’t believe the difference after the first course, it was like a switch had been flicked from a shy, unsure, worried, at times frustrated little girl to a happy, confident, much more loving child. It was like having my daughter back. The dry skin vanished, the bladder infections and bed wetting were a thing of the past.

Emotional Wellbeing

After the first night we administered her prescription we were astounded. We simply couldn’t believe the changes that had happened right before our eyes. Over the coming days she went from strength to strength. It just felt like she was back within our reach that we could help her again and that she was able to feel it and respond, eventually learning the tools to help herself too. We had our daughter back.

Daily Functions

I asked Nina for help through homeopathic treatments for my anxiety and subsequent digestive issues. Nina actively listened and prescribed Homeopathic remedies which really made a difference both in the short-term and long-term. Nina was very professional, kind, empathetic and offered support and understanding. I would thoroughly recommend Nina's homeopathic treatment services.

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 I was rather stunned that so many women were silently suffering with really debilitating and quality of life affecting symptoms. It really struck me, in hearing their stories, that if homeopathy could improve their symptoms then the impact for them and their families would be huge. 

Homeopathy is a wonderful way to support the health of yourself and your family. With a bit of knowledge and an enquiring mind like that of a detective, you can treat many acute and minor ailments effectively yourself at home. Firstly, you need to…


Many of my clients ask me about the difference between acute disease and chronic disease so I thought I’d write a short blog to explain how we differentiate between the two from a homeopathic perspective.

First of all, why do we need to know…

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