Written by Nina Garrard

APRIL 2023

Homeopathy is a wonderful way to support the health of yourself and your family.

With a bit of knowledge and an enquiring mind like that of a detective, you can treat many acute and minor ailments effectively yourself at home. Firstly, you need to decide if the issue is acute and minor and therefore suitable for self-prescribing. See this blog to help on what can be treated at home and what should really be seen by a professional Homeopath.

Ok, so if you have decided the illness is ok to be treated at home then next you will have worked out which remedy matches the symptoms most closely. If you need help with remedy selection, then have a look at this blog to help.

Potency - What is it?

This is the word we use as Homeopaths to describe the strength of the remedy.  Low potencies are 6x to 6C.  Medium potencies are 30C to 200C.  High potencies are 1M and above. You can buy remedies over the counter in many health food shops or some pharmacies and these tend to be the low to medium potencies, which are great for home prescribing.

So how do you choose which potency to use?

As Homeopaths we match the symptoms intensity to the potency as well as the degree of detail we have uncovered in the case and the level of health of the patient.

For home prescribing, however, you would usually use a 30c potency. Home prescribing kits are readily available, and these are usually 30c and this potency is good for coughs, colds and bruises etc. Home birthing kits usually contain 200c as the symptoms are very intense.

How many pills do I take and how often?

One pill is 1 dose. I know it seems strange as the pills are tiny but honestly its true! And if you take 3 pills together it still only counts as 1 dose so don’t waste them unnecessarily and just give 1 pill at a time.

Now the hard bit……watch and wait. We are so used to conventional medicine which usually involves repeated doses at set times this this can seem a bit odd but with Homeopathy we are trying to use the minimum dose to nudge your system back to health. Usually for acute minor symptoms I suggest waiting an hour or so and then choose from the following;

I feel much better!

If so, then don’t repeat until you start to feel a bit worse again. Then just take 1 dose again.

I feel a bit better

If so, then repeat the remedy at the same potency and again watch and wait for another hour or so.

I feel exactly the same

Take another dose of the same remedy if you are sure it matched well. If you have taken 3 doses in this way and it hasn’t helped, then retake the case and select a different remedy.

My symptoms have changed and don’t now match the original remedy

Retake the case and select a different remedy.

As a general guide for home prescribing potencies 30c and lower can be taken 4 times a day. Higher potency remedies are usually taken much less frequently. If your symptoms are still bothering you or keep returning, book a free 15 minute consultation to see how I can support you.

I hope you find this blog useful for you and your family.

Warmest wishes,


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