Written by Nina Garrard

APRIL 2023

Taking the family away on holiday can be both amazing and rather stressful, especially for new parents.

The size of the packing list triples the minute a new baby joins the family and it takes a good degree of thought and planning to make sure you can cope with what a new environment might mean you are consequently dealing with. Don’t get me wrong, going away with the family is a wonderful time. The chance to make new memories and relax as a family is a time to be cherished. But we all know things don’t always go according to plan and I’ve always felt much happier in the knowledge I can cope with a wide range of minor ailments knowing I have my favourite remedies with me!

So here are my top remedies I wouldn’t be without on holiday…


For all the bumps and tumbles at the playground/down unfamiliar steps (and amazingly sorted my son’s piercing ear ache in Cornwall a few years back)

Also amazing if sleep has been hard to come by after a long journey.


A brilliant shock remedy and also great for the initial stages of ‘flu when you just start to think you might be coming down with something.


My number 1 for tummy bugs and food poisoning. Just wouldn’t be without this one for love nor money!! Useful with terrible nausea and vomiting and offensive, watery diarrhea.


Great for fevers with red hot face. Throbbing and pulsating pain. Headaches and migraines if symptoms match. Useful for sunburn if skin is red, dry, hot and throbbing.


Worse for any movement – Keynote symptom. I’ve used this when I’ve pulled a muscle in my back and when I’ve had headaches so painful I can’t move.

Also a useful one for slow onset colds and coughs.


If you have a teething baby then this one is an absolute must! Hypersensitive to pain and angry about it…..Possibly one red cheek one pale cheek. May also have diarrhoea during teething with green offensive stools.


If you have a travel-sick family member this one is another ‘wouldn’t be without’ great for any motion sickness including car, train, ferry or plane!


Great teamed up with calendula for healing of all sorts of wounds. On its own fantastic for healing nerve rich areas like finger tips (crushed in a door I’d alternate with Arnica too).

Narayani Stings and Bites

A fabulous combination remedy containing Apis, Ledum and WAR covering insect bites and stings like bees, wasps, mosquito and horse flies!

Narayani Allergy B

Another super combination remedy that covers skin allergies, nasal mucus membrane and chest allergies. Useful with hayfever, dust allergies, feather allergies.

Nux Vomica

We all eat and drink a bit too much on occasion on holiday…..this one has earned its place in my essentials kit. Overindulgence, indigestion and the inevitable hangover thank goodness for Nux-Vom!


So useful for coughs and colds with greenish bland discharge. Painful teething and/ or ear infections where the child is clingy and tearful and better for cuddles and company.


Inevitably someone ends up with a splinter on our camping holidays! This remedy helps the body to expel the foreign body.

I hope you find this blog useful and enjoy a fabulous healthy happy holiday!

Warmest wishes,


If, even after using these first aid remedies, the symptom persists or they keep returning after some improvement, it may be time to seek help with an acute consultation.