Teething……. It’s a painful subject!!

Written by Nina Garrard

April 2023

Teething……. It’s a painful subject!!

Teething…… what can I say! For some it’s a breeze (I so wish I’d been in this camp) and for others it can be pure hell (this was us!!) With my daughter I had only just begun to try homeopathy and didn’t realise at the time how much it would have helped with her excessively painful and protracted teething. Instead, I was reaching for the Calpol on a regular basis. Now, of course, I know there are effective Homeopathic alternatives which would have supported her through teething without any potential drug side effects. The purpose of this Blog is to give you the tools I didn’t have, so you can choose a natural, safe alternative for your baby during their Teething journey.  

What is normal when it comes to teething?

On average first teeth arrive around the 7th month but this can vary hugely from the 3rd month to the 12th month. In fact some babies are even born with teeth. Some babies spend what seems like months suffering with symptoms including drooling, crankiness, coughs, mild fever, diarrhoea and red cheeks before the first tooth pops through. For others, almost by magic, the first pearly white arrives with minimal fuss and a cheeky grin. The important thing to remember is that there is no set timetable and often teething follows a hereditary pattern so if you were an early teether than your baby is highly likely to follow a similar pattern. 

The usual order for baby teeth to emerge is bottom incisors (bottom front teeth) at around 5-7 months followed by top incisors (top front teeth) around 6-8 months. Next come the top lateral incisors (either side of the top front teeth) and these appear around 9-11 months. The bottom lateral incisors are usually next between 10-12 months. The first back teeth or molars arrive anytime from 12-16 months. The canines (sharp pointy ones) arrive between 16-20 months. The second molars can appear anytime from 20-30 months. Of course there are always those babies who choose to buck the trend and start with top teeth instead! 

But one way or another those teeth are coming so let’s consider what Homeopathic Remedies may be of greatest use during this potentially difficult time. 

My Favourite Teething Remedies


KEY POINT – Sudden onset, can pass just as fast!  

  • Heat, redness of gums with painful swelling and intense pain.
  • Cheeks red, DRY and burning hot.
  • May have a fever but not thirsty. 
  • Intense pain sudden- can arrive fast and be over just as quickly.
  • Over sensitive 
  • Worse 3pm, 11pm and after midnight, jarring, touch. 
  • Better biting on something. 


Chamomilla No. 1 Teething remedy 

KEY POINT – Pain out of proportion and angry about it! 

  • Hypersensitivity to pain with anger/ irritability (possibly hitting or kicking out).
  • Nothing pleases them – they cry for a toy but when given it they throw it away and continue to cry. They don’t know what they want! They are inconsolable. 
  • One red cheek one pale cheek is an indicator that Chamomilla may be a good remedy choice 
  • Diarrhoea- green stools like chopped spinach- can smell like eggs.  
  • Thirsty for cold drinks. 
  • Better for being carried and walked up and down, cold drinks, cold application. 
  • Worse for being touched, looked at, 9am/ 9pm, night time.  
  • Parents at their wits end……. 


Magnesia Phosphorica 

KEY POINT – Oversensitive but better for warmth and hard pressure 

  • Looks like Chamomilla same level of over sensitivity to pain. 
  • If baby has colic and teething issues this may be a good remedy to try first.  
  • Restless and nervous with lots of crying. 
  • Hate being touched. 
  • Exhausted by the pain. 
  • Thirst for cold drinks. 
  • Better for hard pressure- like gums to be rubbed, warmth.
  • Worse cold water, night, light touch, motion, cold air.
  • If Chamomilla fails try Mag Phos.
  • Might prefer to take in small amount of warm water.


Calcarea Carbonica 

KEY POINT – Slow or delayed dentition 

  • Shy, reserved but play independently on their own without a fuss. 
  • Chubby and mild tempered.  
  • Sweat easily at night especially around the back of the head and neck. 
  • Can have nightmares or night terrors. 
  • Big appetite and a thirst for cold drinks. 
  • Sour smelling diarrhoea and sour smelling perspiration. 
  • Worse open cold air, milk, hot food. 
  • Better cold drinks. 



KEY POINT – The Limpet- must be carried and bland yellowish green nasal discharge 

  • Clingy, whingy, whiney just wants to be held and consoled.
  • Carried slowly- literally cannot be put down without starting to cry. 
  • Thirstless.  
  • Teething may be accompanied by a constant stream of yellowish/ green bland nasal discharge, painful ear aches worse at night or conjunctivitis with thick profuse yellow bland discharge. 
  • Worse stuffy warm rooms, after sunset, heat of the bed. 
  • Better open air, cold applications, slow gentle walking, carried and consoled.



KEY POINT – Over sensitive to pain with irresistible desire to bite down on something hard 

  • Irritable, restless, great anxiety/ fearfulness.
  • Over sensitive to pain- cannot endure it.  
  • Face pale possibly yellowish tinge. 
  • Intense thirst for cold drinks. 
  • May be vomiting food and milk during teething.  
  • Gums inflamed and with excessive drooling.  
  • Better for warmth, dry weather, BITING on something hard. Babies needing Phytolacca have an irresistible desire to clench their gums together.  
  • Worse for damp cold weather, cold night, movement and hot food / drinks. 

I hope you find this blog useful for you and your baby.

Warmest wishes,


There are other remedies which may help with Teething and these are just a few of my favourites. If you have tried some of these remedies with your baby and haven’t found any relief with their teething symptoms then feel free to book in for an acute consultation.